Oasis – Las Palmas

We will take the gap that will take us to La Poza beach where our adventure begins. This place is suitable for walking, fishing, watching whales (in season), relaxing and sunbathing. La Poza has a large freshwater lagoon ideal for observing birds of different species and a view on top of a spectacular hill. From there we head towards Punta Lobos beach where the tradition of regional and sport fishing takes place, local fishermen throw their pangas in the waves several miles from the coast, Punta Lobos beach is named for a colony of sea lions that live in the rocks of the beach, the lighthouse, a small freshwater lagoon and a Virgin Sanctuary are the attractive and distinctive touches of this beach the beach is long and perfect for walking.

We will pass by one side old cannery of regional products abandoned to enter a dry stream that will cross us to the other side of the mountains taking the road up to reach the viewpoint of old port from the top of the mountains we will enjoy the beautiful view of the Pacific and the old Port; place where merchant ships were loaded with cane and preserves in previous years, current home of a colony of sea lions, hopefully and in season you can see whales swimming along the coasts, we will go down to be received by the Beautiful oasis of Playa Las Palmas bordered by a lagoon, protected by rocky headlands on both sides and palm trees framing this beautiful beach excellent for hiking and body surfing. The ruins of an old ranch are nearby, home to several horses that accustomed to tourism approach you to steal a smile and a snack. Some say it is one of the most isolated and beautiful beaches of all Baja Sur.

Dam Santa Ines

Leave the town behind through a wide and beautiful dry stream that crosses the vast desert from the seashore to the slopes of the Sierra La Laguna biosphere reserve, have a different perspective of the area, live and enjoy its wonderful views, canyons, slopes and viewpoints. Notice how time has carved the mountains, endemic trees cling to life creating veins and roots to stand between the rocks.

Hares, roadrunners, foxes, tarantulas and lizards are part of the fauna of the place. We will go up a little more to enjoy the biosphere that the mountain offers us and its beautiful view. We will arrive at the Santa Inés Dam where you can observe different species of birds and some horses running freely along the edge of the dam, you will take photos of your adventure and enjoy your drinks and snacks. Then we will return taking a short walk through a lagoon in front to the sea where you can see wildlife and enjoy another beautiful view of the sea. Excellent place to take a good picture for your travel album.

Sierra Waterfalls

Let us live this adventure on a journey of approximately 90km in total (4-5 hours). We explore the mountains, waterfalls and springs. On this tour we will take the gap near Punta Lobos and climb down the creek that will take us toward the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna climb into the mountains a height of 630 meters approximately. We can see how the vegetation changes and everything becomes more reach the entrance take a path among trees and vegetation very different from what we see in Todos Santos.

Agua Blanca

Through a gap that is located between the beautiful beaches and the vast desert of Baja California Sur, you will enjoy the magnificent views offered with different scenarios crossing changing desert, a cactus forest, beaches, dunes, and a dry lagoon that simulates a mirage of water in the distance. Feel the adrenaline through your body to test the speed and power of your Can-am 4 × 4 through wide and little traveled road, arriving at our destination you can prove your courage by walking on the pier of the old abandoned shrimp farm place where the Ocean waves hit hard, revel in the wonderful view of the Pacific.

Sometimes you can find people close to the region who come to the dock to fish, exist a great variety of fish that abound in the Pacific. Take photos and make this magnificent tour part of your memories in your adventure gallery.

Cerritos Beach

All Todos Santos beaches are perfect for walking, sunbathing, fishing and whale watching. At the end of December until March different species of whales swim along the coast, sometimes very close to the shore. If you have always wanted to learn to surf you must visit Los Cerritos beach this is an appropriate place to surf in this area, whether you have experience or just want to learn, here you will find guides and surf schools that provide lessons and equipment rental . An excellent place to spend the day, nearby there are some restaurants where you can delight your palate. Los Cerritos has gained fame among surfers around the world who come to try its magnificent waves, which is why many people stay to live near this beach to enjoy it at all times. Another wonderful spectacle is to admire a beautiful sunset from the same as the night skies of the region, because the population is not numerous and is not very illuminated, the darkness allows to see hundreds of stars accompanied by the sound of the blow of the waves against the cliffs is something to fall in love with this corner of sand and sea.

Cactus Sanctuary

6 hectares full of cacti of more than 50 species in the middle of the Mexican desert. It is the only cactus sanctuary in Mexico and its size makes it unique in the world. The Sanctuary has free access for all types of visitors, to whom it offers unique biological phenomena of the most iconic Mexican plant.

The high density of cacti and the gigantic sizes of some plants generate a lush environment that surprises visitors to the sanctuary. The ecosystem is different here, it is a jungle in the desert, the vegetation is giant and intertwined. Cacti live longer because they protect each other. Tree species such as mosques and greenwood also inhabit here, which protects cacti from natural phenomena such as hurricanes and the strong sun rays of the desert. In the sanctuary have been found plants with more than 500 years and cacti with genetic mutations that have generated spectacular shapes and sizes in organisms. The six hectares are delimited and that has allowed that the place has not been disturbed. The system has been regenerating and has remained a virgin in this regard. Among the more than 1,000 specimens of the sanctuary, stands out the tallest cactus in the world with 19 meters high and one meter wide, which contributes to the uniqueness of this unique sanctuary.

The Sanctuary has signs from its entrance to the various roads or paths it has which explain the common and scientific names of the cacti, the history of the site, regulations, among others. Here any tourist can get to make a video, take some pictures, see birds of all colors, even other wildlife, the 4 seasons of the year here are flowers.