I agree to continue and be subject to the general rules of operation and safety provided by OMEGA TOURS TODOS SANTOS (EDY JOSHIMAR ARAGON CAMPOS).

1 – Only two ATV / UTV (Side by Side) vehicles will be rented per contract on a single credit card.

2 – Only those persons who have presented the corresponding identification may operate any rented ATV / UTV (Side by Side) VEHICLE.

3 – The rent is limited to anyone in a state of intoxication, alcoholic breath or under any narcotic.

4 – All rents require a deposit of $ 200 usd for 4 to 8 hours and $ 500 usd for 1 to 8 days in ATVS, $500 usd for 4 to 8 hours and $1000 usd for 1 to 8 days in UTVS. The deposit will remain as an open Boucher in guarantee of any damage or incurring a fine or penalty.

5 – The deposit will be retained until it has been verified that the vehicles are in excellent same conditions that were delivered. In the event of a crash or rollover, the deposit will be retained until a total of the damage caused to the vehicle is counted. If the amount is greater than the deposit previously made, the rest will be charged to the credit card presented.

6 – There will be no refund in case of cancellation of reservations or early returns with a maximum of 48 hours without notification.

7 – There will be no refund for unforeseen weather conditions.

8 – All those responsible for the rental of all-terrain vehicles must respect the beaches and the restricted areas also include federal roads. ATVS / UTVS must not leave the Todos Santos area.

9 – The beach is a restricted area at any time you must drive the ATV / UTV VEHICLE for them. These areas will be monitored and a fine of $ 1,000 MXN will be billed to the credit card provided without regard to any other infraction.

10 – The speed limit is 70 km, which should not be exceeded, since if this is incurred there will be a $200 usd penalty after the first notification by OMEGA TOURS, (EDY JOSHIMAR ARAGON CAMPOS).

11 – When checking out it is necessary to stay a minimum of 10 minutes to make the corresponding checks. In the event of a crash or rollover, each vehicle will be thoroughly inspected for a minimum of 30 minutes, in this situation we recommend that you take your time as there will be no hasty reviews due to lack of time on your part.

12 – OMEGA TOURS (EDY JOSHIMAR ARAGON CAMPOS), DOES NOT OFFER ANY KIND of insurance either medical or damage to the vehicle and third parties.