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Dare to explore Baja Sur with an Off Road adventure! Enjoy the magic of being in the desert, the sea, the mountains, beautiful beaches and a wonderful oasis. Todos Santos has it all. The unique climate is attributed to the fact that the Tropic of Cancer passes through here. This is why you are able to see beautiful palm groves and trees full of life as well as being able to feel that semi-tropical environment. On the other hand, find an extensive desert full of endemic flora and fauna as well as huge Saguaro cacti that are hundreds of years old, making your experience unique and full of adventure!.

If you are looking for things to do in Baja, Cabo is only 50 minutes away from Todos Santos, it has a unique magic, you can feel its special aura which has drawn attention and inspired many artists and painters. It is a small town on the Pacific coast on the Mexican peninsula, surrounded by the Sierra La Laguna mountain range. Popular with artists, it is known for its numerous galleries. The modern Cultural Center named after the Professor Néstor Agúndez Martínez is located in an old school and includes a museum of local history. To the south, beaches such as San Pedrito, Las Palmas and Los Cerritos are famous for their strong waves for the surf lovers.

With its charming cobblestone streets lined with art galleries, romantic restaurants and local artisan stores, it’s also, by far, the prettiest town in the far south of Baja. Long beaches and wild surf breaks mean there’s a lot to do for those who want to get out of town as well.

You will find an oasis of green fields and fruit trees with almost the same ease with which you can enjoy works of art and dazzling galleries, as it is the home of many artists who display their talent thanks to the unbeatable climate of this Magic Town. The local traditions have survived through time, traditions that you can experience firsthand, while you relax and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

A visit of Todos Santos should start with its beautiful Plaza de Armas, from there start the tour of the sites of interest, among which are the temple of the Mission of Santa Rosa de Todos Los Santos, now dedicated to the Virgin of the Pilar; the Néstor Agúndez Cultural Center, the General. Manuel Márquez de León Theater and Cinema, the Hotel California with its musical legend and the numerous art galleries that are in the town.

The proximity of the Pacific provides the visitor’s to Todos Santos easy access to ideal ocean beaches for surfing. Todos Santos is a town of intense cultural life and throughout the year there are several festivals, whose protagonists are; theTodos Santos International Film Festival, Art Festival, Beer Festival, Mango festival, Tropic of Cancer Music Festival, Gastrovino Food & Wine Festival, Todos Santos Founder’s Festival and the tradional Day of the Dead Festival and it’s magnificent contests, all of which you can be a part of and enjoy our beautiful traditions. Among many other celebrations, it is a town truly full of magic and joy, a place where celebrations are never enough.

Hotel California is the name of one of the most popular songs in soft rock history, particularly for the vocals by Don Henley and for the long and extraordinary electric guitar solo performed by Don Felder and Joe Walsh. The piece was released by the American band The Eagles in 1977 and later, rumors spread that it had been composed at the California Hotel in Todos Santos. Perhaps it is only a myth, but it has contributed to making the establishment and the Magical Town famous. Another of the Hotel California legends is that the ghost of a pretty girl appears to customers inviting them for a drink. If you are not staying at the hotel, stop by its bar to see if you get the invitation.

A few kilometers from Todos Santos is Los Cerritos beach. The perfect beach for surfing and they even have onsite instructors, to teach those who want to debut in this fun sport. You can swim at this beach, but always taking the necessary precautions needed to do so.

Have fun with the most popular activities of Todos Santos & Cabo, The best ATV/UTV tour!