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ATV 1 Seat

ATV 2 Seats

Can-Am - ATV & UTV Tours

ATV Tours

3 Hours Routes

Las Palmas
Circuit Dam
1 Seat $200 USD
2 Seat $290 USD

Exchange Rate USD: Sun, 23 Jun.

2 Seats

800 cc

4 Seats

1000 cc

Maverick Max DPS - Can-Am / Rentals and Tours - Todos Santos, Baja California Sur
Can-Am - ATV & UTV Tours

Side by Side Tours

3 Hours Routes

Las Palmas
Circuit Dam
2 Seat $450 USD
4 Seat $590 USD

Exchange Rate USD: Sun, 23 Jun.

Dirt Bike

Honda CRF 250F

Dirt Bike Tours and Rentals - Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, México

Dirt Bike Tours 3 Hours

$250 USD
Includes Guide, Snacks, Water and Safety equipment

Certified helmet, body armor, goggles, protective gloves, protective knee and elbow pads.

Exchange Rate USD: Sun, 23 Jun.

Bike Tour

Omega Tours Todos Santos / Bike Rentals - Baja California Sur, México

Bike Tours 3 Hours

$100 USD
Includes Guide, Snacks, Water and Safety equipment

Exchange Rate USD: Sun, 23 Jun.

Horseback Riding Tour

Horseback Riding Tour - Todos Santos
Horseback Riding Tour - Todos Santos
Horseback Riding Tour - Todos Santos

Ride Horseback through the natural wonders that Todos Santos has to offer and enjoy breathtaking sights along the way. Live this unique experience with these majestic and noble animals. We specialize in small personalized – and private tours with friendly, attentive, bi-lingual guides with your safety and enjoyment in mind. Helmets are available. Great trails for all skill levels.

Adults $145 USD
Kids $125 USD

12 years or younger


Local Rancher Guide, Helmet, Bandana, Water, Snacks and Transportation to The Ranch.

Tour : 2 hours
Departures based on pre-paid reservations.

Weight limit per horse:
242 lb.(110 kg)
Minimum age: 8 yrs.
We highly recommend the use of comfortable & closed toe shoes, long pants, biodegradable sunblock.

Exchange Rate USD: Sun, 23 Jun.

Taxes included, no extra fees.
You can take all the photos and videos you want without any additional charges.
  • There is no insurance of any kind. Damages to vehicles and/or third parties is under your responsibility.
  • Tours Required deposit of $700 USD per ATV / $1,500 USD per UTV / $700 USD per Dirt Bike.
  • Driving the ATV/UTV on the beach & federal highways is strictly prohibited.
  • ATV Minimum driving age : 16 years.
  • ATV Passenger : 10 years.
  • Side by Side Minimum driving age : 21 years.
  • Dirt Bike Minimum driving age : 21 years.
All Tours Include :
  • Bilingual guide: English and Spanish.
  • Safety equipment: helmet, goggles and bandana.
  • Assistance for any incident during the tour.
  • Contributions and entrance fees where required.
For Security reasons, we do not allow participants with the following conditions :
  • Pregnant women.
  • Back problems or recent surgery.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Passengers or drivers under the legal age permitted.
What to Bring :
  • Comfortable shoes and clothes
  • Long pants
  • Biodegradable Sunblock
  • Camera
  • Light jacket (in winter)
Limit Vehicle Weight :
  • ATV Basic Single Rider :
    330 lb (150 kg)
  • ATV Premium Double Rider :
    550 lb (250 kg)
We accept American Express, Visa or Mastercard (remotely via form or in terminal), cash & Paypal.
Taxes included, no extra fees.

Working Hours
Monday thru Sunday
7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Oasis – Las Palmas

We will take a small dirt road that will take us to La Poza beach where our adventure begins. This place is suitable for walking, fishing, whale watching (in season), relaxing and sunbathing. La Poza has a large freshwater lagoon ideal for observing birds of different species and a view on top of a spectacular hill. From there we head towards the Punta Lobos beach, where the tradition of regional and sport fishing takes place, local fishermen go out in their pangas (small fishing boats) several miles from the coast to bring back the freshest catches of the day. Punta Lobos beach is named after a colony of sea lions that live on the rocks of the beach. A lighthouse, a small freshwater lagoon and a Sanctuary of the Virgin are the attractive and distinctive touches of this beach. The beach is long and perfect for walking.

We will pass by an old, abandoned cannery of regional products to enter a dry stream that will lead us to the other side of the mountains, making our way up to reach the viewpoint from the top of the mountains, enjoying the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean and the Old Port; place where merchant ships were loaded with sugar cane and preserves in previous years and is now the current home of a colony of sea lions. Hopefully and in season, you can see whales swimming along the coast. We will go down to be received by the beautiful oasis of Playa Las Palmas surrounded by a freshwater lagoon, protected by rocky headlands on both sides and palm tree grove framing this beautiful beach excellent for hiking and body surfing. The ruins of an old ranch are nearby, home to several horses that are accustomed to visitor’s approaching, while they steal a smile and a snack. Some say it is one of the most isolated and beautiful beaches of all Baja Sur.

Santa Ines Dam

Leave the town behind through a wide and beautiful dry stream that crosses the vast desert from the seashore to the slopes of the Sierra La Laguna biosphere reserve. Get a different perspective of the area, experience and enjoy its wonderful views, canyons, slopes and viewpoints. See how time has carved the mountains; endemic trees cling to life creating veins and roots to keep standing between the rocks.

Wild hares, roadrunners, foxes, tarantulas and lizards are part of the local fauna. We will go up a little higher to enjoy the biosphere that the mountain offers us and its beautiful view. We will arrive at the Santa Inés dam where you will be able to observe different species of birds and some horses running freely along the edge of the dam, take photos of your adventure and enjoy your drinks and snacks. Then we will return taking a short stop through an oceanfront lagoon where you can see wildlife and enjoy another beautiful view of the sea, the perfect place to take a great picture for your travel album.

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