I agree to continue and be subject to the general rules of operation and safety provided by OMEGA TOURS TODOS SANTOS (EDY JOSHIMAR ARAGON CAMPOS).

1 – Only one ATV / Vehicle will be rented to the responsible persons who present valid identification and driver’s license issued by the government.

2 – Only those persons who have presented the corresponding identification may operate any rented ATV / VEHICLE.

3 – The rent is limited to anyone in the state of intoxication, alcoholic breath or under any narcotic.

4 – All rentals require a credit card authorization as a deposit in case of damage or incur a fine or penalty in the amount of $200 USD for 4 or 8 hours and $500 USD for 1 to 8 days. This deposit will remain as open voucher as collateral.

5 – There will be no refund in case of cancellation of reservations or early returns with a maximum of 48 hours without notification.

6 – There will be no refund for unforeseen weather conditions.

7 – All those responsible for the rental of all-terrain vehicles must respect the beaches and the restricted areas, which also include federal roads. ATVS must not leave the Todos Santos area.

8 – The beach is a restricted area at no time should you drive the ATV / VEHICLE through/on it. These areas will be monitored and a fine of $ 1,000 MXN will be billed to the credit card provided.

9 – By signing this agreement, you accept full responsibility for understanding the restricted areas and assume the responsibility for requesting further information, unless you fully understand them.

10OMEGA ATV RENTALS (EDY JOSHIMAR ARAGON CAMPOS) DOES NOT OFFER health insurance and warns that serious injuries can be financially devastating. By signing this agreement, we accept the rental terms and are assuming that inherent risk of operating a motor vehicle, we are aware of the dangers associated with the use of ATVS.